It's your wedding day, share the love with chocolate.  Whether you want an abstract sculpture for the top table to eat later eat (which is more than you can say for the flowers) or to thank your loved ones and bridesmaids with a luxury chocolate gift set or hamper, team up with Choccie Bar to create something memorable and remarkable. Select the perfect bespoke favours for your guests or create your own as part of an outrageous hen party.


Put your hens to work before the wedding and have them help you design and produce your own gorgeous and mouthwater chocolate favours as part of your hen party. Spend a wanton and scandalous evening with Choccie Bar tasting chocolate from around the world, playing villainous chocolate games and, best of all, leave the event with fabulous confectionary for your wedding! 





Chat with us about your colour schemes, themes and dreams and we'll help you design elegant and scrummy favours for your guests on the most important day of your life.   For something stylish and remarkable for your top table a piece of modern art in the form of a chocolate sculpture is becoming a must have.  Edible from top to it's chocolate marble toe, this is a modern twist on an ice sculpture.

Thank You Gifts

If there is one common theme in the aftermath of a truly fabulous wedding it's this. For many who worked to make the day special, including those who slimmed into their outfits, there was food in abundance, stunning cake, wonderful puddings, and too much excitment to really do justice to it all.

Extend the magic of the day by sending them a Choccie Bar gift which they can enjoy while reminiscing with you. What better way to make them feel appreciated?


Talk to us about chocolate picture frames, mini sculptures, chocolate gift sets and simple gift wrapped boxes with a message for your loved one.

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