Welcome to Choccie Bar


Tucked away amongst the cobbles of Gandy Street in Exeter, at all hours of the night and day, mouthwatering aromas and the magical whirrs and bangs of chocolate heaven can be detected as the chocolatiers ply their esoteric trade. Over the bright lights of Choccie Bar at 29 Gandy Street, Exeter, where can be found hot and cold running chocolate - the confectionary is dreamed up, drawn out and created.

At Choccie Bar, we are the guardian angels of luxury and indulgence - our greatest passion is to achieve the Perfect Bite. Unique gifts, fantastic wedding favours or sculptures, wild and fabulous events, we can work with you to create something which is all your own. It is our belief that the world looks (and certainly tastes) far better if you add chocolate.

Wherever you are in the world there is a place for it; corporate events, office stashes, special luxury presents for a loved one or just a simple, elegant bar or box of chocolates for you. Let Choccie Bar seduce you with velvety, scrummy  artisan chocolate which looks as stunning as it tastes.

Our stunning ganaches  
Passionate Dream  
Picaso Bars  

 The Yum Factor

At Choccie Bar we are passionate about taste. It is our number one priority. While it's important that our chocolates look fantastic, are easy to purchase and our service is excellent, taste is paramount. Many of the flavours we create originate from ideas which come directly from you, our customers. We have loved this - you set the challenge and we create it in your image, such as our pistacio centre and the rather fabulous passionate dream, pictured below. All of our recipes are our own, dreamed up by our own chocolatier based on your tastes and our occasionally outrageous imagination. All of our flavours are carefully designed to be tasted with the most suitable and flavour enhancing shells. 

 Our Couverture.

We have tested a huge range of wonderful couvertures from all over the world, from the Ivory Coast to Ecuador. As we have painstakingly tried different centres in different chocolates and enlisted willing volunteers to 'try and tell', a pattern has formed. Our testers have been very clear on what makes great chocolate - it has to crunch, it has to be creamy but not fatty, it has to be scrummy but not sugary and it shouldn't leave an aftertaste. You are a very discerning (and growing) clientele...respect!

Please keep talking to us, your ideas are shaping our our creations...

Thank you