Mastering Chocolate Arts

Do you feel the need to go undercover with our chocolate? Learn how to temper? Mould? A bit of flavouring work? Then join the Masterclasses....

 While Choccie Bar has established taster experiences of truffle-making in it's alchemy nights and chocolate making for it's Junior Chocolatiers, the numbers have been steadily growing as has the demand for more info on Chocolart. To satisfy those who seek enlightenment on such dark arts as taste design, chocolate moulding and tempering we have created a Choccie Bar Masterclass. 


Choccie Bar Masterclasses give you the opportunity to experience a working chocolate studio. Working alongside our Chocolatier, you will gain insight into tempering, moulding, decor and flavour design. The class lasts for 5-6 hours.

"Like many of our products and services, this has definitely been driven by our customer base, says Choccie Bar Owner, Katie Jones. "We run a number of classes, such as the highly successful Alchemy Nights, and the Junior Chocolatier Classes but there were still customers who wanted longer and more in-depth knowledge. We've run the masterclasses a few times now and they show every sign of being just as in demand as the Alchemy Nights", she adds. 

Masterclasses are available to book with Choccie Bar either in store or by purchasing a vouchers online and calling to secure the next available date. Masterclasses tend to run on Monday or Tuesday mornings from 8.30 or Monday afternoons from 12.30 - but Choccie Bar will endeavour to accommodate your needs and time constraints. 

Per person,  masterclasses are £65.00. Apron and materials are provided - participants are asked to wear non-fibrous, warm clothes, grip heeled shoes and long hair must be in a bun, plaited and up or covered - hairnets are provided!

 TO BOOK YOUR MASTERCLASS, CLICK HERE OR CALL US TODAY!!: 01392,423003 or 07831 313322

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