West is Best!

Choccie Bar is celebrating the Taste of the West results, as the chocolate company picks up two awards for it's Chocolate.

 This year, although headed firmly into summer, Choccie Bar won recognition for both it's much loved Chocolate Mince Pies along with the Company's signature box of chocolates.


The award-winning mince pies...


"We're really delighted with this", - says Choccie Bar owner, Katie Jones.

"The Taste of the West don't simply hand out awards, they also give incredibly useful feedback which, as a young company we find absolutely invaluable", she adds.

It's true to add that the Choccie Bar team particularly enjoyed the judging this year as it meant we had to make some out of season Chocolate Mince Pies which meant there was a bit of a mince pie fest going on in the Chocolate Studio - yum!